Unlike many generic form builders, SALT has taken a different approach. SALT Forms are designed around comparative raters and the data required to get a quote.

A SALT form is meant to be sent directly to a prospect as a digital fact finder, but with an incredible customer experience. When a prospect clicks a link to your form, SALT displays a custom insurance application experience built from your Form configuration!

With SALT Forms, you can:

  • Tracking Lead Sources— Track each submission’s source, whether a global agency, specific location, producer, or referral. SALT records where each submission was sourced from using link data.

  • Benefit from Agency Templates— SALT Forms are powered by Question, Confirmation, and Reminder Templates.

  • Easy Sharing— Accessing your digital application has never been easier. Share a link to your form via email or text. Add QR Codes to your print material and more.

  • Instant Notifications— Each form has notification rules, allowing you to configure which employees are notified of each new submission.

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