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Supported Comparative Raters

Learn about SALT comparative rater strategy and partners.

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SALT works with the industry's top rating engines to keep your agency's process intact. SALT has direct integrations with its comparative rating partners, which means much more reliable data is being sent to your rater.

SALT is currently integrated with the following comparative raters:

Auto-Sync πŸ”„

Both of the Applied Partnership integrations (EZLynx & Epic/Leads Inbox) include automatic syncing systems. When a submission is completed, it will be auto-synced to your enabled rater. [More info on syncing data to EZLynx & Epic/Leads Inbox]

PL Rating, however, requires you to manually sync each submission. Agents must first view new submissions in SALT's interface, and then trigger the data to be synced to PL Rating using the "Confirm & Sync" button. [More info on syncing data to PL Rating]

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