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Submission 'Assignee'
Submission 'Assignee'

Learn how to assign a submission to a designated employee within SALT.

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Submissions can be assigned and reassigned to any employee added to a SALT account. This allows your agency to distinguish who is responsible for what. Depending on your rater integration, assignment info may also sync to the rater.

How do I assign a submission to an employee?

  1. Navigate to the desired submission in your SALT account.

  2. Tap the re-assignment icon next to the current assignee's name.

  3. The assignment takes place once an option is selected from the list.

[Note: Only the newly assigned employee is notified of the reassignment change.]

EZLynx Users:

For agencies utilizing EZLynx as a comparative rater, it's important to understand the flexibility offered by decoupling the submission assignment from the EZLynx assignment.

This feature allows you to assign a submission to one employee for handling while syncing it with a different employee's EZLynx username.

This is particularly beneficial when an employee is awaiting the activation or authorization of their EZLynx username. Since auto-sync will not function with a non-authorized EZLynx username, this decoupling ensures that submissions are processed efficiently without delay.

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