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SALT 101: Getting Started
SALT 101: Getting Started

Basic information on how to get started using SALT.

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This guide should help to get you started using SALT in no time!


The homepage, sometimes referred to as the "Dashboard" is your starting point when you sign into SALT. From here, you can share your forms with ease and get a glance at your most recent submissions.

"Quick Actions" Menu

The Quick Actions menu is a feature designed to showcase a curated selection of shortcuts, giving you swift access to key actions relevant to that specific page.

The screenshot below shows the shortcuts offered from the Dashboard's "Quick Actions" menu.

"Quick Share" Form

The "Share" option on the right-hand side of your SALT Dashboard is an easily accessible way to share your Form with a prospect as quickly as possible.

Ways to share:

  • Email, Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin

  • Copy the URL or the QR code next to your link

  • Tap the 'Quick Actions' menu located on the bottom-right of your screen to perform many 'quick actions,' including sharing a Form.​

How to share:

  1. Choose a form from the dropdown menu. ​[Note: This list will only show the 6 most recent submissions, by date, for your current location.]

  2. Select your preferred method of sharing.


Submissions contain the data collected for each client/prospect needing a quote.

The SALT Dashboard lists your 6 most recent submissions received/created in SALT, while the Submissions section will show all submissions ever processed through SALT.

Check out this article for more info and a glimpse of SALT Submissions.


SALT Forms, also referred to as "Links," is a specialized digital questionnaire used to obtain consumer data for insurance quotes. It offers a unique customer experience, guiding prospects through a personalized application process.

Check out this article for more info and a glimpse of SALT Forms.


SALT provides optional integration tools, accessible for admins & owners within the Integrations section. These integrations can be used to streamline consumer data collection for quotes and enable seamless collaboration with other software.

Tap here to learn more about the available integration tools currently connected to SALT.


Employees with admin/owner access will be able to access the Settings section, which allows them to:

  • Brand their form using their company logo

  • Configure employee access

  • Manage submission statuses

  • Manage tags

  • View/edit billing info

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