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[SALT <-> Epic Quotes] Guide
[SALT <-> Epic Quotes] Guide

Learn how SALT uses Applied's Leads Inbox to send data to the Epic Quotes comparative rater.

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SALT's direct integration with Applied's Epic Quotes (via leads inbox) simplifies data synchronization for insurance agencies utilizing Epic Quotes as their comparative rater.

This guide walks you through connecting SALT with Epic Quotes, maintaining smooth data flow, and addressing common troubleshooting scenarios.

Check out the video tutorial below or select one of the topics underneath it to expand for more information.

Activate [SALT <-> Epic] Connection

To connect SALT & Epic, *admins/owners will first need to activate the Epic integration using the steps below.

⚙️ To setup [SALT <-> Epic] connection:

  1. Locate the Epic Quotes integration, and tap Connect (or toggle the switch).​

  2. Select Request Activation.

  3. Input the required information, and select Request Leads Inbox Activation.

Sending Data from SALT to Epic Quotes (via Leads Inbox)

↪ The Basics

When the Epic Quotes integration is activated, the auto-sync option is enabled by default. With auto-sync enabled, SALT automatically syncs all consumer-generated submissions to Epic/Leads Inbox once completed by the prospect.

[Note: Auto-sync is not available for agency-generated submissions. See sections below for more info.]

⚙️ To Manage the Epic 'Auto-sync' Setting:

  1. Navigate to your Epic - Leads Inbox integration.

  2. Select Advanced Options.

  3. From the dropdown, select Enable/Disable Auto Sync.

Once steps 1-3 are completed, "consumer" submissions that have been completed will be auto-synced to your rater.

↪ Manually Syncing Data to Epic Quotes

Agency Generated Submissions always have to be synced manually.​ When the submission is ready to be sent to the rater, follow the steps below to sync to Epic.

  1. Navigate into a submission.

  2. Switch over to the "Lines Of Business" tab.

  3. Press the Send Home/Auto Policy button.

  4. Press Confirm.

[Note: Submission will no longer be editable once they've been sent to the rater.]

↪ Syncing Submissions to Epic ('Consumer' vs 'Agency' Generated)

[Consumer-generated Submissions]

  1. Auto-sync Enabled:

    • SALT automatically sends submission data to Epic after the prospect completes it.

    • Agents must make any edits or updates in Epic, not within SALT.

  2. Auto-sync Disabled:

    • Agents must manually send data to Epic by clicking the "Send Home/Auto Policy" button.

    • This option allows agents to edit the information or add data for an additional line of business before sending it to Epic.

[Agency-generated Submissions]

Agency-generated submissions (i.e. those started using the "New Submission" button) always require manual syncing (see instructions above).

Submission Type

Auto-sync Enabled

Auto-sync Disabled


Data is sent automatically to Epic after submission completion.

Agents must manually send data to Epic.


Auto-sync not available; submissions must be synced manually.


Troubleshooting & FAQs

"Why can't my prospects select 'no coverage' for comp/collision, towing, and rental questions?"

Some options, including “no coverage,” are powered by the comparative raters. The "Leads Inbox" rater does not support the option of “no coverage,” so your prospects will just need to proceed without selecting an option. This would allow them to skip the question and not add that coverage.

Something that may help here is editing the subtext on the Comp/Collision, Towing, and Rental car steps to inform the prospect that the question can be skipped if coverage isn't wanted.

Please contact the SALT support team for further assistance when needed.

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