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Forms 101: Getting Started
Forms 101: Getting Started

Learn all about configuring & managing your SALT Forms.

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When you first subscribe to SALT, we provide a pre-configured "default" Form (aka link) for your agency. This default Form's settings can be customized to your desire, but there are instances where you may benefit from creating additional forms.

Here are some common scenarios where an agency might require multiple SALT Forms:

  • Multiple producers or employees

  • Monoline quotes

  • Referral partners (see more)

  • Data Integrations enabled/disabled (see more)

SALT has a step-by-step builder to help you create new Forms. Each step helps you to understand what part of the link you’re configuring and guides you as you make your choices.

To Create a New Form:

  1. From your SALT home page, select the Forms tab.

  2. In the top-right corner, select Create a New Form.

  3. The "Form Builder" tool will launch and guide you through the Form/link creation process.

You can create as many Forms/links as you want! With that being said, we recommend giving each Form a unique "Form Identifier" to keep track of why they were created.

Form Setup

Each form has 6 tabs: Steps, Confirmation, Reminders, Notifications, Integrations, and Settings. You can configure settings within each of these tabs to customize your form to your liking.

Steps - (See Form Steps/Questions section below.)

Confirmation - Allows you to customize the content of the email and text messages sent to prospects after completing this form.

Reminders - Allows you to dictate the automated follow-up reminders sent to prospects who have not yet finished their submissions. You can create up to 3 follow-up reminders and set the timing and content of each.

Notifications - Allows you to select who receives notifications when a new lead or completed submission is received through a form. This selection will determine which employee(s) SALT will send email or text notifications to.

Integrations - Allows you to configure integration settings for a form.

Settings - Allows you to configure the branding (logo), assignment, access, and embed settings for a form.

Form Steps/Questions

There are 9 available categories within a SALT Form (see below under "Active Steps").

Each category is comprised of a wide array of questions available within SALT's database. Tap into each category to see steps that have already been added or to add new steps not yet added to that form.

Propel subscribers are able to edit & customize the text for most questions, as well as choose whether or not to display certain attributes.

You can also choose to make certain steps "required" whereas a prospect will not be allowed to continue with the form flow until that step or attribute has been answered. (Red asterisk indicates a required step or attribute.)

For some questions, especially those with deductibles, you can choose what you'd like to display to the prospect using the settings icon. You can also recommend a specific option that will be displayed as the "Agent Recommended" choice.

State-specific Options

The options you choose to include/exclude in the Nationwide set will be used as the default unless overridden by a state options set.

State options set provides agents with the capability to pare down the options shown by the state selected.

For example, if you are licensed to write in both New York and New Jersey, you can select a "state options set" for each state so that those prospects are only shown the selected options.

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