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[SALT <-> EZLynx] Guide
[SALT <-> EZLynx] Guide
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SALT's direct integration with EZLynx simplifies data synchronization for insurance agencies utilizing EZLynx as their comparative rater.

This guide walks you through connecting SALT with EZLynx, maintaining smooth data flow, and addressing common troubleshooting scenarios.

Check out the video tutorial directly below or select one of the topics underneath it to expand for more information.

Activate [SALT <-> EZLynx] Integration

To connect SALT & EZLynx, *admins/owners will first need to activate the EZLynx integration using the steps below.

⚙️ To setup [SALT <-> EZLynx] connection:

  1. Navigate to Integrations > EZLynx.

  2. Locate the EZLynx integration, and tap Connect (or toggle the switch).​

🧂Salty Tip: To prevent trouble with syncing info from SALT to EZLynx, add your team's EZLynx usernames ASAP, using the instructions below.

Add Your Team's EZLynx Usernames

(*Admin/Owner permission required.)

⚙️ To add or edit EZLynx usernames:​

  1. Select Configure Usernames.

  2. Enter EZLynx username(s), then tap Save & Request EZLynx Activation.

EZLynx username activation is typically completed within less than 24 hours. The activated user will then receive email confirmation from EZLynx.

🧂Salty Tips:

  • Keep in mind that any new employees/users will have to go through this process to sync to their EZLynx account.

  • If you're experiencing syncing issues or receiving emails regarding an "Unauthorized EZLynx Username," please see the troubleshooting section below (or tap here) for a solution.

Sending Data from SALT to EZLynx

↪ The Basics

When the EZLynx integration is activated, the auto-sync option is enabled by default. With auto-sync enabled, SALT automatically syncs all consumer-generated submissions to EZLynx once completed by the prospect.

[Note: Auto-sync is not available for agency-generated submissions. See the sections below for more info.]

⚙️ To Manage the EZLynx 'Auto-sync' Setting:

  1. Navigate to Integrations > EZLynx.

  2. Select Advanced Options.

  3. Use the dropdown option to choose either Enabled or Disabled. ​

Once steps 1-3 are completed, any "consumer" submissions that have been fully completed will be auto-synced to your rater.

↪ Manually Syncing Data to EZLynx

Agency Generated Submissions must always be manually synced.​ When the submission is ready to be sent to the rater, follow the steps below to sync to EZLynx.

⚙️ Manually Sync to EZLynx:

  1. Navigate into a submission.

  2. Switch over to the "Lines Of Business" tab.

  3. Press the Send Home/Auto Policy button.

  4. Press Confirm.

[Note: A submission is no longer editable once it's been sent to the rater.]

↪ Syncing Submissions to EZLynx ('Consumer' vs 'Agency' Generated)

[Consumer-generated Submissions]

  1. Auto-sync Enabled:

    • SALT automatically sends submission data to EZLynx after the prospect completes it.

    • Agents must make any edits or updates in EZLynx, not within SALT.

  2. Auto-sync Disabled:

    • Agents must manually send data to EZLynx by clicking the "Send Home/Auto Policy" button.

    • This option allows agents to edit the information or add data for an additional line of business before sending it to EZLynx.

[Agency-generated Submissions]

Agency-generated submissions (i.e. those started using the "New Submission" button) always require manual syncing (see instructions above).

Submission Type

Auto-sync Enabled

Auto-sync Disabled


Data is sent automatically to EZLynx after submission completion.

Agents must manually send data to EZLynx.


Auto-sync not available; submissions must be synced manually.


Troubleshooting & FAQ

(*Expand each topic below for more info.)

"Why aren't my submissions auto-syncing to EZLynx?"

If submissions aren't auto-syncing, check to be sure that the following is true:

  • All required attributes are present.

  • The submission is assigned to a user with a valid, active EZlynx username.
    (See 'Add EZLynx Usernames' above.)

  • The submission is a Consumer-generated submission. (Agency-generated submissions cannot be auto-synced.)

If the aforementioned is all true, any completed consumer-generated submissions should auto-sync to EZLynx.

"What are EZLynx Assumptions?"

The EZLynx rater requires a baseline set of data points that, in some cases, our form won’t collect. EZLynx Assumptions allows your agency to designate assumptions for those required attributes included in every application SALT sends to EZLynx. 

[i.e. You might assume a phone number is “Mobile” or that a driver's license is valid.]

"What does 'Unauthorized EZLynx Username' mean?"

This error usually means either your username is entered incorrectly in your SALT > EZLynx settings, or it hasn’t been activated yet on the EZLynx side.

Next Steps -

  1. Verify Your Username in EZLynx:
    - Log into your EZLynx account and double-check your username.

  2. Update Your SALT Settings:
    - Navigate to your SALT > EZLynx settings.
    - Ensure the username matches your EZLynx account.

  3. If the Username Does Not Match:
    - Enter the correct username.
    - Click "Save & Request EZLynx Authorization."

  4. If the Username Matches:
    - Copy the username from your EZLynx account.
    - Go back to your SALT > EZLynx settings, paste the username, and click "Save & Request EZLynx Authorization."

EZLynx authorization typically takes up to 24 hours, but it can sometimes be as quick as 5 minutes. Keep an eye on your SALT > EZLynx settings. Once the "test" succeeds, you're all set to sync submissions to your EZLynx account! 🙌

Please contact the SALT support team for further assistance when needed.

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