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Learn more about the integration between SALT & EZLynx and how data is sent to this rater.

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Activating EZLynx Integration

To activate/turn on the EZLynx integration, an admin will need to complete the following steps:

1. Go to
2. Locate the EZLynx integration, and tap Connect or toggle the switch to the ON position (green).

➡ Be Sure to add your team's EZLynx usernames ASAP to prevent trouble with syncing. (Instructions below)

Configuring EZLynx Usernames

To configure/edit EZLynx usernames, an admin will need to complete the following steps:

1. Go to
2. Under EZLynx, tap Configure.
3. Select Configure Usernames.
4. Enter EZLynx username(s), then tap Save & Request EZLynx Activation.

Once a username has been entered, it can take up to 24 hours for EZLynx to activate it. The activated user will receive email confirmation from EZLynx once they've completed the activation.

EZLynx Assumptions

The EZLynx rater requires a baseline set of data points that, in some cases, our form won’t collect. EZLynx Assumptions allows your agency to designate assumptions for those required attributes that'll be included in every application SALT sends to EZLynx. [i.e. You might assume a phone number is “Mobile” or that a driver's license is valid.]

Auto Syncing Data to EZLynx

  1. From the EZLynx integration menu, select "Advanced Options."

  2. Use the dropdown option to choose either Enabled or Disabled. ​

    When enabled, SALT will automatically sync all completed consumer-generated submissions to EZLynx.

Consumer Generated Submissions -

  • "Auto Sync" enabled: SALT will automatically send the data received by prospects over to EZLynx. This means agents cannot edit any information provided by the prospect within SALT. Any update will need to happen within EZLynx.

  • "Auto Sync" disabled: Agents must click a button to send the data to EZLynx manually. This allows agents to edit this information or even capture data on an additional line of business before sending to EZLynx.

Agency Generated Submissions -

  • Submissions generated by the agent will always be a manual sync process because SALT has no way of knowing when a submission is ready to be synced like with consumer-generated submissions.

    When the submission is ready to be sent to the rater, look for the EZLynx option in the submission sidebar and click the button to "Send to EZLynx."

Troubleshooting Auto-sync Issues:

For data to be successfully auto-synced to EZLynx, the following must be true:

  • All required attributes are present.

  • The submission is assigned to a user with a valid EZlynx username configured within EZLynx > "Configure Usernames" settings.

  • The submission must be a Consumer Generated submission as Agency Generated submissions cannot be auto-synced.

Once the above requirements are met, data in a completed consumer submission should be synced to EZLynx automatically.

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