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Sending Data to PL Rating
Sending Data to PL Rating

Learn when and how SALT sends submission data to PL Rating.

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When is the submission data sent to PL Rating?

Each comparative rater integration with SALT is unique. What's important to note is that unlike EZLynx or Epic Quotes, PL Rating does not have the option to send data to their comparative rater automatically.

Instead, PL Rating requires a multi-step process, and we've tried to make this as convenient and simple as possible.

How does data get sent to PL rating?

When SALT receives a submission, we'll let your agency know, but an agent will still need to initiate the request to send data to PL Rater. This is a two-step process:

  1. Request a client link -
    The submission sidebar will display the PL Rating status when viewing the submission. When you first visit the submission, you'll see a button that prompts you to "Request Client Link".

    Once clicked, SALT reaches out to PL, notifying them we have data we want to send and validating the payload with them.

  2. Confirm and Sync -
    Once the request for a client link has been made, the button will update to "Confirm and Sync." This is the final step in sending the data to PL. We'll package everything up and send it to their comparative rater for you.

    (*It is best practice to be logged into your PL Rating system before you select the "Confirm and Sync" button.)

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