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[SALT <-> PL Rating] Setup & Syncing
[SALT <-> PL Rating] Setup & Syncing

Learn when and how SALT sends submission data to PL Rating.

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SALT's direct integration with Vertafore's PL Rating simplifies data synchronization for insurance agencies utilizing PL Rating as their comparative rater.

This guide walks you through connecting SALT with PL Rating, maintaining smooth data flow, and addressing common troubleshooting scenarios.

Check out the video tutorial directly below or select one of the topics underneath it to expand for more information.

Activate [SALT <-> PL Rating] Connection

To connect SALT & PL Rating, *admins/owners will first need to activate the PL Rating integration using the steps below.

  1. Locate the PL Rating integration, and tap Connect (or toggle the switch).​

Sending Data from SALT to PL Rating

Unfortunately, auto-sync is not an available option for PL Rater, so all submissions will need to be synced manually. Follow the steps below to send data from SALT to PL Rating.

When a prospect completes their submission, you will receive a "New Submission" email from SALT with a link to view the submission.

  1. Navigate into the submission.

  2. Switch over to the "Lines Of Business" tab.

  3. Press the Request Client Link button.
    (That button will then change to say: 'Confirm and Sync.')

  4. Select Confirm and Sync to complete sending the data to PL.​

➡ To prevent trouble with syncing info from SALT to PL Rating, be sure that you're logged into PL Rating before clicking the "Confirm and Sync" button.

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