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SALT <-> Zapier <-> Agency Zoom
SALT <-> Zapier <-> Agency Zoom

How to use triggers (zaps) through Zapier to connect data from SALT to Agency Zoom

Updated over a week ago

While SALT does not have a direct integration with Agency Zoom, you can set up a "Zap" through Zapier that'll be triggered once a submission has been completed.

This will allow you to link SALT to Agency Zoom through Zapier's automation capabilities using the triggers listed below.

Expand to see SALT's "Zap" triggers:

  • contact.created

  • contact.updated

  • form.progress

  • submission.created

  • submission.complete

  • submission.assignment.change

  • submissions.tag.change

  • submission.sent_to_rater

  • submissions.document.added

  • submissions.status.change

Tap this link for detailed steps on how to connect SALT <-> Zapier <-> Agency Zoom (and other platforms).


  • Most of our agents only send data such as: Name, number, email, address;
    You may encounter issues if you attempt to send data like VIN, DL#, etc.

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