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Learn how SALT uses Applied's Leads Inbox to send data to the Epic Quotes comparative rater.

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Sending data to Epic Quotes (via Leads Inbox) -

First, ensure all required attributes are present, then:

  1. Select Request Activation.

  2. Input the required information, and select Request Leads Inbox Activation.

Once the above criteria are met, data will be synced to Epic according to your preference, as described below.

Auto-Sync πŸ”„

To enable/disable auto-sync:

  1. Navigate to your Epic - Leads Inbox integration.

  2. Select Advanced Options.

  3. From the dropdown, select Enable/Disable Auto Sync.

Both of the Applied Partnership integrations (EZLynx & Epic/Leads Inbox) include automatic syncing systems. When a "consumer" submission is completed, it will be auto-synced to your enabled rater. You can adjust this setting using the steps above or from within the "Advanced" options of your Epic Quotes settings.

Note: Agency Generated Submissions will always have to be synced manually.​ When the submission is ready to be sent to the rater, look for the Epic Quotes option in the submission sidebar and click the "Send to Epic Quotes" button.

  • Consumer Submissions

    • Auto-Sync enabled - SALT will automatically send the data received by prospects to Epic Quotes. This means agents cannot edit any information provided by the prospect within SALT. Any update will need to be done within Epic Quotes.

    • Auto-Sync disabled - Agents must manually click a button to send the data to Epic Quotes. While this might seem cumbersome, this allows agents to edit this information or even capture data on an additional line of business before sending anything to Epic Quotes.

  • Agency Submissions

    • Agency Submissions will always have to be synced manually. This is because SALT has no way of automatically knowing that an agency-generated submission is ready/completed like we're able to determine with prospect/consumer submissions.
      When the submission is ready to be sent to the rater, locate the "Epic Quotes" option in the submission sidebar and select Send to Epic Quotes.


Why can't my prospects select "no coverage" for comp/collision, towing, and rental questions?

Some options, including β€œno coverage,” are powered by the comparative raters. The "Leads Inbox" rater does not support the option of β€œno coverage,” so your prospects will just need to proceed without selecting an option. This would allow them to skip the question and not add that coverage.

Something that may help here is editing the subtext on the Comp/Collision, Towing, and Rental car steps to inform the prospect that the question can be skipped if coverage isn't wanted.

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