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[SALT <-> Zapier]

How to use triggers (zaps) through 'Zapier' to bridge data from SALT to a platform not natively integrated with SALT

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SALT has a direct integration with Zapier offering you more customization and ease of data transfer. πŸ”
This means all data SALT collects on your behalf is now capable of being "triggered" (aka sent to Zapier) and then bridged over to a variety of external locations. (e.g. AMS, CRM, email, Slack messages, etc.)

Our Zapier Integration is free to use, and while Zapier does offer paid tiers, you can get started by setting up an account on their FREE tier here.

[Support Disclosure]

Please keep in mind that while we're happy to help with as much Zapier troubleshooting as we can, there will surely be nuances involved in the connection of 3 platforms that make our ability to troubleshoot or remedy issues experienced between Zapier and other software difficult.
In these instances, we recommend contacting Zapier Support or the other software you're trying to connect.

Connecting SALT & Zapier

Once you've set up your Zapier account using the link provided above, log in to SALT then follow the directions below (or in this video tutorial) to continue setup:

  1. Navigate to and under "Zapier," tap Connect.
    ​[Tip: Copy the Agency/Location ID as you'll need this for step 7.]

  2. Now navigate to and tap Create > Zaps.

  3. Select "1. Trigger" and search for "SALT." (Be sure you select the one labeled "Latest" as this will be the most up-to-date version.)


  4. Tap the "Choose an event" dropdown, which will display all of the possible events/triggers available for use when building out your Zaps.
    ​[Tip: You can find a full list of available triggers at the bottom of this article.]

  5. Once you've selected the event you'd like to configure, click Continue.

  6. Tap Choose and either select an existing connection or Connect a new account.

  7. Paste your Agency ID into the provided field in the pop-up window.
    ​[Tip: If copy/paste didn't work, navigate back to your SALT integrations section, and tap Configure under Zapier to retrieve the Agency ID.]

  8. Once you've entered the ID, tap "Yes, Continue to SALT.."
    ​[Note: There may be a slight delay when Zapier is authorizing the connection. You will be directed back to the 'Zapier Trigger' setup once the authorization is complete.]

    This completes the setup process, and your SALT <-> Zapier accounts should now be authenticated and connected. πŸ”—πŸ™Œ
    Continue the process of bridging info from SALT to another platform (i.e. Agency Zoom, Slack, etc.) by tapping "2. Action" and configuring the settings for that platform.

Video Tutorial -

Setting up the SALT > Zapier connection can seem complicated, so we've created this tutorial video to walk you through these processes step-by-step. πŸ“½οΈ

  • [SALT <-> Zapier] Setup + Creating a new Zap:


"Test Trigger" with Sample Data

When "Test Trigger" is selected, Zapier populates a sample SALT submission dataset.

While it isn't required, it is highly recommended to use the sample dataset so that all of the possible attributes that can be triggered for SALT through Zapier are tested. This will ensure a thorough test of the connection.

Watch the video below to learn more about the pre-loaded "test/sample" data.

SALT's Zap Triggers:

  • contact.created

  • contact.updated

  • form.progress

  • submission.created

  • submission.complete

  • submission.assignment.change

  • submissions.tag.change

  • submission.sent_to_rater

  • submissions.document.added

  • submissions.status.change


Why isn't Zapier transferring all the info?

Most SALT agents send data like Name, number, email, and address;
​You may encounter issues if you attempt to send data like VIN, DL#, etc.

Why isn't my Agency/Location ID working?

Be sure when entering your "Agency ID," you don't use a "Form ID" by mistake. Your Agency ID can be found within your SALT integrations section via Zapier > Configure.

Can I connect SALT <-> 'Agency Zoom' via Zapier?

While SALT does not have a direct integration with Agency Zoom, you can go through the steps provided in this article to set up a "Zap" through Zapier that'll be triggered once a submission has been completed.

This will allow you to link SALT to Agency Zoom through Zapier, using the available Zap triggers listed above.

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