How to get started with the SALT <-> Zapier integration (*This integration is in a private, beta stage.)

Updated over a week ago

Because this integration is in the private beta stage, some of the setup pages are accessible but hidden within SALT for right now. 🫣

Our Zapier Integration is free to use. Zapier has separate costs for their plans, but you can get started by setting up an account on their free tier.

Once you've set up your Zapier account, check out these short videos that will walk you through the process of setting up your SALT <-> Zapier integration.

Troubleshooting Tips:

After you've clicked accept on the Zapier invite from within the SALT platform, you should be directed to a page within to accept our beta app invite.

Doing this will simply make SALT available as an app to be used with Zapier.

To continue setup, you'll need to begin creating a zap by:

  1. Navigating back to the Zapier dashboard

  2. Searching for "SALT"

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