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Changing a Submission Status
Changing a Submission Status

Learn about SALT statuses and how to use them to track a submission's progress.

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How do I change the status of a submission?

Every SALT submission has a status by default. They arrive to us as New, and currently, you can give a submission one of eight statuses:

  • New— A submission has just arrived

  • In Progress— When submission that is being worked on by a Producer or CSR

  • Quoted— When a submission that has been quoted in the rater

  • Presented— When the submission has been presented to the prospect

  • Won— When a submission resulted in a bound policy

  • Lost— When the prospect lost interest or declined coverage

To change the status of a submission:

  • Navigate to the desired submission

  • Look to the sidebar of the submission and locate the "Status" attribute.

  • Select the dropdown and change the status to whichever makes the most sense.

Notes: Statuses are SALT-only attributes and do not sync or post to any CRM, AMS, or comparative rater.

What if I want to remove a submission from the list?

Sometimes more than a status is needed, and whether the business was won or lost, you want to remove it from view. This can be achieved by archiving the submission. To learn more about archiving submissions, read Archiving Submissions.

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