How do I change the status of a submission?

Every SALT submission has a status by default. They arrive to us as New, and currently, you can give a submission one of eight statuses:

  • New— A submission has just arrived

  • In Progress— When submission that is being worked on by a Producer or CSR

  • Quoted— When a submission that has been quoted in the rater

  • Presented— When the submission has been presented to the prospect

  • Won— When a submission resulted in a bound policy

  • Lost— When the prospect lost interest or declined coverage

  • Archived— This status simply denotes that this submission should no longer be considered active

To change the status of a submission:

  • Navigate to the desired submission

  • Look to the sidebar of the submission and locate the "Status" attribute.

  • Select the dropdown and change the status to whichever makes the most sense.

Notes: Statuses are SALT-only attributes and do not sync or post to any CRM, AMS, or comparative rater.

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