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Can I send data from SALT to Hawksoft?
Can I send data from SALT to Hawksoft?

This article will show you how to bridge info from SALT to Hawksoft using the EZLynx rater export feature.

Updated over a week ago

While a direct integration between SALT and Hawksoft isn't available at this time, leveraging EZLynx as a bridge facilitates the efficient transfer of information between these platforms.

By following the outlined steps, users can seamlessly bridge data from SALT to Hawksoft, optimizing workflow and enhancing productivity.


  • This workaround requires an existing integration between SALT and EZLynx or any other integrated rater capable of exporting XML files.

Once SALT has bridged info from our database into EZLynx, you can bridge the info over to Hawksoft by completing the steps below:

  1. Confirm the data has been bridged from SALT to EZLynx, and proceed to export the data from EZLynx in XML format.

  2. Navigate to Hawksoft and locate the import feature.

  3. Import the EZLynx XML file to Hawksoft.

  4. Hawksoft will automatically generate a customer profile using the imported data.

This process eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time and ensuring accuracy by avoiding duplicate data entry.

Other potential solutions for users trying to bridge info over to Hawksoft:

HawkSoft has a web widget called "HawkLink" that exports data from their AMS directly into the carrier forms. Hawksoft doesn’t talk about it loudly, but some agents view this as a rater solution.

We hope to have an integration setup with HawkSoft at some point, but SALT currently sends data to the comparative raters, not the management systems.

If you use EZLynx as a comparative rater, that's where the data needs to go. Most of our customers use Zapier to send the data over.

Tap this link to learn how to connect SALT <-> Zapier with Other Software programs.

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