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Manage Employee/User Seats
Manage Employee/User Seats

Learn how to add & remove user seats to grant your staff access to SALT.

Updated over a week ago

The Propel subscription includes a maximum of 5 user seats. If you currently have fewer than 5 employee seats, an admin/owner will just need to send an invite to the new team member.

If you need more than 5 user seats, contact our Sales team to schedule a consultation call for our custom-priced Middle-market plan.

Add User Seat(s)

  1. Navigate to Settings > Employees.

  2. Tap Invite Employee.

  3. Enter the name and email of the new team member.

  4. They should then receive an invitation at the email address provided.

Once accepted, the new employee will have access to SALT.

Remove User Seat(s)

  1. Navigate to Settings > Employees.

  2. Select the employee you wish to remove.

  3. Tap Delete Employee in the top-right.

  4. Select Confirm.

Once confirmed, the employee associated with those credentials will lose access to SALT.

[SALT customers with more than 5 user seats before our Feb '24 billing changes, expand for more info.]

If your account had 6+ user seats prior to the February 2024 billing change, we will honor that seat count.

Adding additional user seats beyond those described above will require a conversation with our sales team regarding our "custom pricing" plan.

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