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Data Pull Thresholds

All about Data Pull "thresholds" and what that means for you as a SALT subscriber

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What is a Data Pull “threshold?”

Every billable add-on integration at SALT has been given an integration “threshold.” This threshold is an agency-level setting that allows you to set a limit on how many Data Pulls or Declaration Page requests your agency can utilize and therefore be billed for each month.

For example, if you want to pay no more than $20/mo for Estated Data Pulls, you might simply configure your Estated threshold to a number less than 20.

How do I manage Data Pull thresholds?

You can manage your agency’s thresholds by navigating to the “Integrations” tab and selecting the “Configure” option under the Estated, Fenris, or Fize integrations. If the integration is enabled, you’ll see a link to “Manage Threshold”. Click that link will load controls that allow you to set your desired threshold for this integration.

(See this video for managing Data Pull thresholds.)

What happens when my threshold is met?

When your Data Pull allowance is heading toward its maximum threshold, SALT will send 3 email notices:

  1. “Approaching” - when you are approaching the threshold set for your agency

  2. “Met” - when the threshold set for your agency has been reached.

  3. “Exceeded” - This warning is rare and in every sense, should never happen. However, it exists to protect both you and SALT. This email goes to both SALT and your team. It indicates a bug and something has allowed a Data Pull request to happen despite your threshold having been met

What if I forget to set a threshold?

The threshold setting defaults for both Data Pulls & Dec Page requests to 100 pulls/requests, but you (the agent) can change that number at any point. Thresholds are there to stop Data Pulls from happening endlessly.

Consider the hypothetical value of if an Agent with “100” set as their Data Pull threshold does a substantially targeted marketing campaign. If 10,000 people fill were to respond to your ad, your agency might not be prepared to pay for those 10,000+ Data Pulls. Thresholds prevent this from being possible.

What if I only want to use SALT’s free pulls that come with my plan?

This is possible, but it requires you to set your threshold to zero (0). Having a threshold of zero (0) means that your agency is saying, I don’t want to utilize any data pull unless it’s included in my subscription.

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