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Form Settings

Learn about Form settings and how you can customize Forms to fit your agency's needs.

Updated over a week ago

Each form has specific settings that can be configured to your agency's needs.

To Configure Form Settings:

  1. Navigate to the Forms section.

  2. Select the form you'd like to configure.

  3. Tap the Settings tab indicated by the red arrow in the screenshot below.​

Below, you'll find a brief description of each field you're able to adjust from the "Settings" tab within a form.

  • Branding — Set a custom branding logo for this specific form. If no image is entered here, the form will default to the brand set in the agency-level Settings.

  • Assignment — Choose which employee is assigned to receive notifications for submissions linked to this form, and create tags that can be applied to each submission linked to that form.

  • Access — Choose who in your agency can view, edit, and use a specific Form.

  • Embed — Get an embed code to provide to your web developer to host this form on your website.

  • Open Graph — Customize the social details displayed when this form is shared via social platforms or SMS messages.

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