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Creating 'Referral Partner' Forms
Creating 'Referral Partner' Forms

Learn how to create a form dedicated to your referral partners.

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You can create a SALT form dedicated to your referral partner, including custom text and branding. This link can then be sent out to your referral partners so that any business driven through that form will be linked to them.

To Create a Referral Partner Form Link -

[Note: Our recommended best practice is to duplicate an existing form that's already been set up by your agency. Tap here to learn how to duplicate a form.]

From your Forms section,

  1. Duplicate an existing form or select Create a New Form.

  2. Insert your referral partner's name.

  3. Verify that the Introduction step is added to the [INTRO] category (pictured below).

  4. Customize the Introduction text to your liking.

  5. Add your referral partner's logo or picture to the form by tapping "Choose an image."
    [Note: The "Referral Image" will display beneath your agency's name/logo, which will still be shown at the top of the form as seen in the preview below.]


    Once steps 1-5 have been completed, your form is ready to send to your referral partner. πŸ™Œ

Referral Source [Optional] -

The Referral step, found in the [Conclusion] category, is an optional section where prospects can specify who referred them. This step includes two questions:

1. Agent: "Have you spoken to anyone on our team?"

2. Referral Source: "Did anyone refer you?"

The Agent dropdown menu is automatically populated with your SALT employee list. When a prospect chooses an agent listed in your employees, the form will auto-assign to that employee.

The Referral Source dropdown menu can contain custom referral options or be left blank to provide the prospect with a free-form text box to enter referral information.

If preferred, you can configure the display to show only one of these fields. Additionally, you can toggle the switch under "Require" to prevent the prospect from completing the form without an answer.

Customizing 'Referral Source' options -

To add custom options for your prospects to select from, tap the "Settings" icon next to Referral Source.

Type in the field provided to add new options, then click enter to save it. You can tap the menu in the preview located to the right to see the dropdown menu populate with your custom options.

Selecting the checkbox to Include "Other" will add "other" as a selectable option within your dropdown menu. When a prospect selects "other," a free-form text box will display allowing your prospects to enter any other referral-related info.

Custom Branding [Optional] -

If you're interested in adding further custom branding that overrides your agency's logo, navigate to the form's Settings tab, and add another image under "Branding."

This step is typically completed when an agency doesn't want its name displayed on the form as the "Branding" image replaces your default agency logo/name located at the top of the Form.

[Tip: Some customers choose to utilize the "Branding" section pictured above or the aforementioned "Referral Image" spot for a picture of their team or agent.]

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