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Building New Forms
Building New Forms

Learn about how building multiple Forms can help your agency win.

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When you first subscribe to SALT, we provide a pre-configured default Form (aka link) for your agency. This default Form's settings can be customized to your desire, but there are instances where you may benefit from having multiple Forms. For instance, you can have a specific Form for each producer or employee, a Form dedicated to a referral partner, etc.

SALT has a step-by-step builder to help you create new Forms. Each step helps you to understand what part of the link you’re configuring and guides you as you make your choices.

To build a new Form:

  1. From your SALT dashboard, select the Forms tab.

  2. In the top-right corner, select Create a New Form.

  3. The "Form Builder" tool will launch and guide you through the Form/link creation process.

SALTY Tips 🧂

You can create as many Forms/links as you want! With that being said, we recommend giving each Form a unique "Form Identifier" to keep track of why they were created.

Tap here to learn more about SALT Forms and how our approach to form building sets us apart.

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