How do I change a Form's settings?

Each form has several settings that can be changed.

To change a Form's settings:

  • Navigate to the Forms tab in your SALT account

  • Find the form you want to change access to from the list, and select the "Settings" link on the form card.

Here is a brief overview of these settings and what they do.

  1. Name — Use an internal label to help you and your team identify a specific Form.

  2. Access — Choose who in your agency can view, edit and use a specific Form.

  3. Employee Choose which employee is assigned to submissions received from this form.

  4. Branding — Set custom branding options for this form. The form will use the agency's brand if left unchanged.

  5. Templates — Choose which question, confirmation, and reminder template you'd like this form to use.

  6. Notifications — Choose who will be notified when submissions are received via this form.

  7. Referrals — Add a referral partner logo or introduction to make co-brand your form.

  8. Embed — Get an embed code to provide to your web developer to host this form on your website.

  9. Open Graph — Customize the social details displayed when this form is shared via social platforms or SMS messages.

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