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Archiving/Deleting Forms
Archiving/Deleting Forms

How to remove unneeded SALT forms from your Forms section.

Updated over a week ago

We archive SALT forms instead of deleting them so that you can refer to them in the future if needed.

To Archive a Form:

  1. Navigate to Forms.

  2. Select Settings under the Form you want to archive.

  3. Tap to open the Quick Actions menu (top-right corner).

  4. Select Archive Form.

[Things to keep in mind:

  • Once a form has been archived, it will no longer be usable. If someone tries to navigate to the link for an archived form, they will be redirected to your agency's default form.

  • While you're able to archive all other forms, you're unable to remove the "Default" or original Form that was set up at the time of your account's creation.]

To Unarchive a Form:

  1. Navigate to Forms.

  2. From the filter menu on the left, select Display > All. ​
    ​(*You can now scroll to see all of the forms currently archived.)

  3. Select the form you want to unarchive.

  4. Tap the Quick Actions menu (top-right corner).

  5. Select Unarchive Form.

[Note: The title of an archived form cannot be re-used. If you'd like to use the same title as a form you're no longer using, you can edit the old form's title to include "archived," allowing you to create a new form with the same title.]

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