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Sending data to Epic Quotes
Sending data to Epic Quotes

Learn how SALT uses Applied's Leads Inbox to send data to the Epic Quotes comparative rater.

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When does the submission data get synced to Epic Quotes?


Data being successfully sent to Epic Quotes depends on a few things:

Once those needs are met, data will be synced automatically or manually, depending on what you've configured in the advanced options of your Epic Quotes settings and if the submission is a Prospect Submission or Agency Submission.

Prospect Submissions

When automatic sending is enabled, SALT will automatically send the data received by prospects to Epic Quotes. This means agents cannot edit any information provided by the prospect within SALT. Any update will need to happen within Epic Quotes.

When automatic sending is disabled, agents must manually click a button to send the data to Epic Quotes. While this might seem cumbersome, this allows agents tie to edit this information or even capture data on an additional line of business before sending anything to Epic Quotes.

How to disable automatic Epic Quotes sending:

Agency Submissions

Agency Submissions will always be a manual sync process since SALT can't automatically know the submission is ready like we do with Prospect Submissions.

When the submission is ready to be sent to the rater, look for the Epic Quotes option in the submission sidebar and click the button to "Send to Epic Quotes"

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