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Fall Release 2023
Fall Release - New Features🧂✨
Fall Release - New Features🧂✨

This article contains information on the new features added in our 2023 Fall release.

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✨ Overview of SALT's New Features ✨

👀[New Submission Detail View]
Experience a major transformation in the submission detail view, featuring a new tab system that includes:

  1. Timeline: Keep track of all actions taken by prospects and agents with our new submission timeline feature.

  2. Submission Comments: Engage in seamless communication by commenting directly on submissions.

  3. Agency Comments: Gain valuable insights and feedback through comments left by agency representatives.

⏩ [Quick Actions Panel]
Discover a dynamic and ever-present panel offering contextual actions within the SALT Agent experience. Perform tasks quickly and efficiently, right when you need them.4.

📄 [Revamped Forms]

We have reimagined forms and templates, merging them to provide you with enhanced clarity when building forms. Experience a more intuitive form-creation process that simplifies your workflow.

🔁 [Form Duplication]

Embrace the improved form duplication feature as we bid farewell to templates. Enjoy seamless handling as you duplicate forms effortlessly, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your submissions.

❓[Question Customization]

Customize your interactions further with the ability to personalize the headline and subtext of each step on your form. Tailor your approach to suit the unique needs of every prospect.

🙅 [Answer Exclusion Control]

Exercise greater control over your interactions by excluding specific question answers. This feature empowers you to prevent prospects from selecting services that are unsuitable or unwanted, ensuring more relevant and meaningful engagements.

Expand each section below for more details on the new capabilities provided within the SALT platform. 👇

New Questions -

  • Dwelling Use

  • Property Type

  • Rental Use

  • Rental Details

[Note: We've rebuilt the way forms and questions function, allowing us the ability to add new questions with ease. To submit your feedback on a question you'd like to see brought to the platform or vote on other's suggestions, tap this link.]

New Form Management -

(* = Propel subscribers)

  • Add from a library of questions

  • Reorder the form steps/questions

  • Reorder form categories

  • Advanced Recreational Vehicles

  • *Customize Question Text

  • *Exclude rater options

  • *State-Specific Recommendations

Rebuilt Recreational Vehicles -

[Note: We're in the early versions of these new rec vehicle flows, but have a list of questions we intend to add to each of them.]

  • Watercraft

  • Motorcycles

  • Off Road Vehicles

  • Camper & RV

Submissions -

  • New Layout with | Overview | LOBS | Documents |

  • Events Timeline

  • Agent Comments

  • Direct link for "Declaration Page Request"

Raters -

  • Optimization for bridging info from SALT to the comparative raters

    • All data points gathered by SALT that are eligible for transmission to a rater are now being sent.

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