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Send Continue Link/URL To Prospect
Send Continue Link/URL To Prospect

Learn how you can create & send a Form's direct link for an agency-generated submission to be completed by the prospect.

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While at the time, our app doesn't have a built-in feature to generate a 'continue URL,' you can manually create one by following this format:

To Create a Continue Link/URL:

Replace [submission_id] in the URL above with the specific submission ID associated with your prospect.

*For instance, if your prospect's submission ID was Su_GDxbbYtjbkp, the URL would be:

What is a "Submission ID?"

A Submission ID is a unique identifier assigned to your prospect entry as soon as it's entered into our system. This ID may be requested by our support or development team for identification and/or troubleshooting purposes.

How do I find the "Submission ID" for my prospect?

The Submission ID can be found by selecting one of your most recent submissions from your Dashboard, or navigating to the "Submission" section and selecting the submission for the prospect you'd like to send a direct link to.

You'll find the ID at the top of the "DETAILS" sidebar in the top-left corner of the submission.

💡SALTY Tip: You can easily copy the ID by tapping on the paper icon to the right of the ID.

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