Learn what SALT's integration with Fize means for you as a SALT Launch or Propel subscriber.

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Fize is an API integration tool that enables agencies to collect a prospect's insurance coverages and Declaration Pages allowing easier quoting for the prospect.

The Declaration Pages offer a clear snapshot of the prospect's existing coverage, including policy limits, deductibles, and any special endorsements. This information lets the agent thoroughly understand the prospect's current insurance position and needs.

Tap the button below for a list of carriers currently supported by Fize through the SALT platform.

Activating Fize on your SALT account:


How much does a Fize Declaration Page request cost?

Dec page requests are $2 per carrier request

What if I don't want to be charged?

Fize is an optional, add-on integration. You'll only be charged if you opt to activate this integration.

How do I activate Fize?

Select Integrations from the SETTINGS section in your left-hand sidebar. Under Fize, select Connect, then scroll down and tap Activate. (see video above)

Is there a maximum number of requests I can make?

You can set a threshold for the minimum or maximum number of requests your agency can make per billing period.

What is a threshold?

Every billable add-on integration at SALT has been given an integration “threshold.” This threshold is an agency-level setting that allows you to set a limit on how many Data Pulls or Declaration Page requests your agency can utilize and therefore be billed for each month.

For example, if you want to pay no more than $20/mo for Estated Data Pulls, you might simply configure your Estated threshold to a number less than 10.

The default threshold for Dec pages is 100, but you can change that number anytime. Tap here to learn more about data pull thresholds.

How Thresholds Work

Fize pulls are billed monthly. When your Fize pull usage reaches the threshold set below, we will automatically prevent additional Fize pulls until the next billing period.

What if I want to send a link just to collect dec pages?

You can trigger a Dec Page request from any Submission.

In the instance there's already a Submission created by the consumer/prospect, open the Submission and tap "Declaration Pages" under Documents.

To send a Dec Page request link to a new prospect, you'll just need to start an "Agency Generated Submission" by entering the prospect's first/last name and email.

*This feature is currently in the public beta stage.*

[This means there are inevitable unknowns that may be encountered with this integration simply because Fize is a newer company in the space. As such, you may encounter bugs, downtime, or unexpected results in relation to using the SALT <-> Fize integration.

The development team is readily making improvements from our end as we encounter these unknowns. Please let us know of any issues you face; your feedback helps to improve SALT for everyone!]

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