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Learn all about data pulls, how to manage/track your agency's usage, and how they can be beneficial to your agency.

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A "Data Pull" represents a billable data integration add-on offered to SALT subscribers, enhancing your prospects' customer experience. Simply put, a Data Pull is the process of collecting or retrieving data types from various sources.

When a Data Pull process is initiated, the information is as follows: pre-filled property details, VIN #s, and household drivers.

Note: There are nuances, such as the state in which the info is being pulled or the way the info is entered by the prospect, which will affect the quantity of information you receive in a Data Pull. (To read more on this, see "Why doesn't Fenris return data in my state?" in the FAQ section of the Fenris article.)


How are Data Pulls billed?

Monthly Subscribers — Your agency's metered data pull usage will be billed monthly on the same day your current SALT subscription payment goes through.

All others — reference the "How much do Data Pulls cost?" section of this article down below.

How much do Data pulls cost?

Generally, Data Pulls cost $1.10/pull (per carrier). You'll find more information below on the cost for Data Pulls specific to your subscription.

  • SALT Lite subscribers -
    You are currently using SALT without Data Pulls. There is no change for you unless you want to turn on the Data Pull feature. Data Pulls are billed at a rate of $1.10 per pull, added to your monthly invoice.

  • SALT Launch subscribers -
    Brand new Launch customers will receive a "Starter Pack" of 20 Data pull credits that can be used to sample our Data Pull integrations. These credits can be used for both Estated and Fenris Data Pulls.

    After the Starter Pack is consumed, all further Data Pulls are billable at a rate of $1.10 per pull, added to your monthly invoice.

  • SALT Propel subscribers -
    Data Pulls will be metered for this plan; we will automatically credit your SALT account with 20 free monthly Data Pulls. After those 20 free pulls are used, all further Data Pulls are billable at a rate of $1.10 per pull, added to your monthly invoice.

    (*Also applies to legacy users on SALT Plus/Extra)

Can a submission have more than one Data Pull?

The answer to this depends on which line(s) of business the prospect is applying for. Our Estated integration add-on provides property data. So, it is only offered when you have a home quote. Likewise, the Fenris add-on provides vehicle/driver data. Hence only happens when an auto quote is asked for.

With that in mind, a single submission could have up to two Data Pulls for a prospect applying for Home + Auto or just one Data Pull if it's a monoline application.

How much will my bill change?

Your agency's Data Pull usage depends on how many submissions are processed each month and how many lines of business each application includes. Because of this, it isn't easy to provide a finite answer as to what your bill may increase by.

That being said, we've created a resource that you can use to review your historical Data Pull usage and get a solid idea of how many Data Pulls your agency is generating each month.

If you multiply that number by the cost per pull ($1.10), you can determine how many Data Pulls you've paid for that month. This will help you to identify your potential monthly increase on your bill.

How can I avoid paying for Data Pulls?

Data pulls enrich both the agent and the customer experience within SALT. They are a vital part of the process that makes SALT an "efficiency machine" in your agency. That being said, we understand not everyone will want to pay for data pulls once their pre-paid amount expires. We've provided a few options for those who don't want their agency billed for Data Pulls.

  1. 20 Free Data Pull Credits per month (Plus, Extra & Propel customer only)
    We surveyed the usage of agencies nationwide and found that, on average, nearly 60% of our SALT customers utilized 20 Data Pulls per month. We've decided to continue to cover most, if not all, of the Data Pull usage by automatically loading your account with 20 free Data Pull Credits each month.

  2. Integration Thresholds
    Every billable add-on integration at SALT, including Data Pulls through Estated and Fenris, has an integration "threshold." This threshold is an agency-level setting that allows you to set a limit on how many Data Pulls your agency can utilize and therefore be billed for each month. For example, if you wanted to pay no more than $20/mo for Data Pulls, you'd simply set your integration threshold to less than 20.

  3. Turn off the Integration
    If the Data Pull Credit and threshold options don't cut it, we want you to know you have complete control. You can turn off the integration; please do so before July 15th, 2023, to avoid additional charges.

What is the difference between a "Data Pull" and a "Fize Dec Page" request?

The "Data Pull" & "Dec Page request" features are both optional add-on integrations.

  • Data Pull - represents a billable, data integration add-on offered to SALT subscribers to collect or retrieve various types of data (property details, VIN #s, and household drivers) from multiple sources.

    SALT currently offers two paid integration add-ons for performing a Data Pull:
    1. Estated (Property & Real Estate info)
    2. Fenris (Vehicle & Driver info)

  • Fize - an API integration tool that enables agencies to collect a prospect's insurance coverages and declaration pages, allowing easier quoting for the prospect.

  • Declaration Pages - summarize the insurance coverage provided by the policy and offers a clear snapshot of the prospect's existing coverage, including policy limits, deductibles, and any special endorsements.

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