Description: Submissions are requests for insurance from an insured who have filled out your SALT insurance application.


How do I find a submission?

To find a specific submission go to: There you will see a search field and other helpful filters to help you find submissions.

How do I change the status of a submission?

On the main submission page, click on the insured’s contact info, and you'll find the Status section. Click the edit icon to adjust the status of the submissions to one of New, In-Progress, Quoted, Presented, Won, Lost, Follow Up & Achieved.

How do I assign a submission to an employee?

To find how to assign an employee to a submission, start here: Click on the insured’s contact info, and you'll find the “Assigned To” option in the Submission header.

How do I export my submission data?

To export, all submissions go to: and click “Export CSV”

To export a single submission:

Click the submission you want to export, then click the small dropdown arrow next to the insured’s name. A list will appear with the option to “Export to CSV.”

Who gets notified of new submissions?

The person or agency’s email is entered in the primary field under their branding settings. In addition to that, every employee will receive a notification unless they opt out in the profile settings.

When does the submission data get synced to EZLynx?

The data will be synced once your insured contact has submitted. To find out if your EZLynx account is enabled, go to: z

Does the prospect get a confirmation of their submission?

Your prospect is notified after the email is captured during the process of filling out the application. To set up your confirmation reply, go to:

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